Do Not Work for Elite Express in Pennsauken, NJ

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Tue Apr 17, 2018 4:41 pm

They have the worst equipment,and you will break down constantly. They expect you to lump loses for free, if no lumper is available. They will not pay you any detention,even though in some cases they collect it(I once sat at a dock 7.5 hours on the pickup,and 9 hours on the delivery for a total of $50 which was pickup and drop fee plus mileage. If you break down, no breakdown pay or layover when dispatch cannot find back hauls out of California for days on end(I waited six days once for no pay). They expect you to"work"your logbook to they're benefit. If you have a DOT level repair that needs to be made, they'll just tell you to deliver the load,and worry about it after. If you ever refuse a dispatch due to HOS, or truck maintenance issues, they will just fire you and make up stuff on your DAC.

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